HEALTHCARE: Oscar celebrates the best year of his life

By Lucy Ashton

Oscar Edgar might be six, but he has just spent his first year doing the things other little boys do – playing football, going camping and making new friends.

A year ago little Oscar left the hospital that had been his home for five years. He had been a patient of the Royal Hospital for Children since his birth in April 2015 with an undiagnosed neurological / muscular / respiratory condition which meant he was ventilated until he was four and a half.

Mum Megan is now looking back on the 12 months, marveling at all the ‘firsts’ she has been able to enjoy with her son.

Megan said: “Oscar has had the best year ever. We have been camping, had a cabin holiday with a hot tub, he’s met alpacas and had lots of other adventures.

“He’s also started playing football in a wee team, which he loves. He’s playing with a younger group of kids but that’s fine and he’s growing in confidence. Ronaldo is his favourite player and Rangers is his team, but no doubt that will change soon!

“Oscar and his brother Theo were also ring boys at my friend’s wedding in September – it was a really emotional day as we realised just how far he had come.

“Most importantly, he’s made a best friend – Annie. They just love each other and have a very special bond. Annie can understand everything he says, even when I can’t, which is amazing.”

Oscar’s journey to here has been a complex one and has involved clinical input from a number of different specialities. Still, over the last year, Oscar has had a number of trips to the Royal Hospital for Children, but for the majority of the time he’s been home with his family.

Megan added: “Of course this last year would not have been possible without the incredible support we have had from the amazing hospital staff. Even now, we know we can rely on them.

“Oscar is still terminally ill and for the last six months has also developed problems with air in his stomach. He had to have one operation but even then he was in and out in a day, with great care from the staff.

“They have also made so many things possible. We were told we might never get Oscar home, but with their help we have had an amazing year at home with him. While there were some lows, there were so many more highs.”

Oscar’s doctor is Phil Davies, who has treated him since he was born.

Dr Davies said: “It has been wonderful seeing Oscar at home with his family. He’s had a few ups and downs over the year but has done so well off his ventilator and it is a joy to see him living life to the full.”

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