Tommy Tallach jogs a few memories old New Years past

Old style New Year parties around the fire are but a distant memory.

By Tommy Tallach

Steak pie getting cooked, taxi’s been booked, Mum getting praise for how good she looked, house had a scrub, there’s hunners of grub mushy peas, pieces on tongue and on gammon, Tuc biscuits with cheese and John West salmon, a schemie feast instead of a famine, buns of cherry, currants, and Madeira , we couldn’t afford anything dearer, excitement is building the bells getting nearer, there’s Smirnoff, Babycham, Whyte and McKay, Bacardi, Gin, and Canada Dry, with mixers supplied by the Alpine Guy, You’re allowed a wee Advocaat, or a cheeky wee Shandy, a sly can of beer from Uncle Billy , kissed bang on the lips from all of your Aunties and Gran, Stereogramme ready with musical gems, Abba, The Drifters, and Boney M, all getting blasted 33 RPM, now they’re all minging, someone starts singing, hoose full of smoke, your eyes are all stinging, they all sing songs that make them greet, Nobody’s Child a particular treat, an orphanage song makes all party’s upbeat, Wild Side Of Life, Boaby McGee, Little Old Wine Drinker Me, Tie A Yellow Ribbon round the Old Oak Tree, only 8 more New Year nights to go, to every Auntie and Uncle you know, brilliant to see all your cousins though, and although at times I make it seem tragic, what I would give for one more night of magic, to see all our loved ones would make me ecstatic. Happy New Year when it comes to you all, and a glass lifted to our loved ones not here, may the beautiful memories outshine the tears Xxx❤

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