COURTS: Former SNP MP found guilty of embezzling £25,000

Natalie McGarry - taken 12/5/22
McGarry will be sentenced next month after being found guilty by a jury

By Bill Heaney

Former SNP MP Natalie McGarry has been found guilty of embezzling £25,000 from two pro-independence groups.

The jury returned the majority verdicts on two charges after three hours of deliberations.

It was alleged during the six-week trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court that McGarry spent some of the money on expenses such as rent and shopping.

Her lawyers admitted that her finances were “disorganised” and “chaotic”, but she denied both charges against her.

They related to funds embezzled from Women For Independence (WIFI) and the Glasgow Regional Association (GRA) of the SNP.

McGarry was the MP for Glasgow East between 2015 and 2017.

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  1. So she was dipping Woman for Independence and the SNP regional association funds to the tune of £25k

    Small beer by comparison to the £600k gone walkabout in the SNP independence fund. First it was there, then it was woven through the accounts ready for deployment and now its admitted that its spent, gone.

    Can’t imagine that Nicola and Peter will be sleeping too well with McGarry almost certainly heading back to the inside of a prison cell.

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