INVESTIGATION: Deliveroo accused of ‘hollow’ and ‘cynical’ deal with GMB union

By Karin Goodwin in The Ferret

Deliveroo has been accused of making a “hollow and cynical PR move” aimed at preventing its workers from pursuing their rights by signing a “partnership deal” with the GMB union.

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB), which has been organising with Deliveroo couriers for over five years, claims that the “cynical backroom deal” aims to prevent couriers it is representing arguing for “worker status” to be recognised in the Supreme Courts.

Deliveroo welcomed the partnership, which it said would focus on “rider safety, security, wellbeing and diversity”.

The GMB accused “other groups” of being “unrepresentative” of couriers and claiming the “first of a kind partnership” will allow it to negotiate pay deals on behalf of 90,000 riders.

Full story is on The Ferret website

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