By Lucy Ashton 

Jackie Baillie has given her backing to The Eve Appeal’s campaign to raise awareness of gynecological cancers after research showed that a third of people can’t name a single symptom.

The Get Lippy campaign aims to highlight the five gynecological cancers which can only be named by two percent of people.

These are diseases which affect over 21,000 people every year in the UK.

Cervical cancer is well known to people, but fewer than half could identify key symptoms.

The Dumbarton constituency MSP, pictured right,  said: “It is extremely worrying that people don’t know the key symptoms to look out for which can be warning signs of cancer.

“It is imperative that we talk more so there is increased awareness and we can pick up cancers before they are too late to treat.”

There are five gynecological cancers: womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal and the key symptoms to look out for are:

  • abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • persistent bloating (for three weeks or more that doesn’t come and go)
  • changes to bowel habits (feeling full quickly or nauseous)
  • changes to discharge
  • a persistent itch and any changes to the look or feel of the vulva and vagina

Athena Lamnisos, The Eve Appeal CEO, says: “There is a woeful lack of knowledge of what is going on between our legs and inside our pelvises. Get Lippy is about cancer prevention – stopping it before it starts.

“We want everyone to know the signs and symptoms and seek medical help as soon as they need it. This means knowing your anatomy, being aware of key symptoms like abnormal bleeding and being able to have a conversation about them without embarrassment with your doctor.”

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