POLICE MESSAGE: Suspicious fire in Dumbarton

Police Scotland is appealing for information following a suspicious fire in Dumbarton.

Around 11.25pm on Tuesday, 31 May, 2022, police received a report of a fire in Cumbrae Crescent North, Castlehill, Dumbarton.

Emergency services attended and found a mattress within a close which had been set on fire.

No-one was injured in the incident, however, police are treating the fire as willful.

Detective Constable Angela Tipping said: “I am appealing to anyone who may have seen or heard something suspicious to get in touch with any information they may have. Thankfully, no-one was injured but it’s imperative we trace whoever is responsible.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Police Scotland via 101, quoting incident number 3991. Alternatively, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where you can give your information anonymously.


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  1. Burning folks out in their houses, or in fact burning all manner of properties, is huge business in Dumbarton and the Vale.

    Old churches, old schools are particular examples. And very effective too it would appear for clearing the way for a new property development.

    And for sending a message. Well that too could be all part of the well trod path.

    And the Arsonists? Why do the Police repeatedly fail to catch anyone. This area has a massive problem – as anyone who has looked at the statistics can confirm.

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