Refreshed, revitalised and refinanced after the summer break, The Democrat will be back in the Autumn. By popular demand. The hundreds of readers who said they would miss us when we announced our reluctant departure at the beginning of summer can now look forward to our return. No final date for that has yet been fixed, but it’s coming, probably in October. We’ll still be independent and we’ll be edited by award-winning investigative, reporter, columnist and critic Bill Heaney, the man the local politicians pushed to the margins but couldn’t gag.  A lack of resources means we will have to pull back a bit, but in these dark and dismal times, who hasn’t had to tighten their belt?  Freedom of Speech is at the top of our agenda, and we will continue to press the now Labour-controlled West Dunbartonshire Council and the arrogant SNP to take their anti-democratic boot off our throat. Good journalism is shining a bright light into dark corners and publishing some things some people do not wish to see printed. We haven’t gone away you know, nor do we have any intention of doing so. Thanks you to all who who have e mailed us with their support.


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