POLITICS: Sturgeon’s 26 broken ‘Programme for Government’ promises


The SNP-Green coalition has failed to deliver on at least 26 policy pledges from last year’s Programme for Government, the Scottish Conservatives can reveal.

As Nicola Sturgeon prepares to announce her 2022/23 Programme for Government to launch the new parliamentary session next week, research by the party has uncovered a long list of broken promises from last year’s annual statement.

The most glaring failures include unfulfilled pledges to protect police funding, provide free school meals for all primary school pupils and fully embed MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) standards to tackle Scotland’s drugs-death epidemic.

Other targets for the last parliamentary session which the Nationalist coalition failed to achieve include pledges to introduce an Island Bonds scheme, open a new women’s prison this year and launch a Rural Entrepreneur Fund.

The Scottish Conservatives believe this ‘shocking catalogue of failure’ is symptomatic of a government more focused on its efforts to break up the United Kingdom than on delivering its policy pledges.

Scottish Conservative Chairman Craig Hoy MSP, said:“The Scottish public will be wary of trusting anything that comes out Nicola Sturgeon’s mouth next Tuesday because of her abject failure to deliver on last year’s Programme for Government.

“This extensive list of broken promises – many of them on key SNP commitments – is a shocking catalogue of failure. 

“But it’s hardly surprising. After all, this Nationalist government is so obsessed with pushing for another divisive independence referendum that it neglects the day-to-day business of running the country it is meant to be governing competently.

“The U-turn on the Nationalist coalition’s pledge to protect police funding has had very serious implications at a time when violent crime is rising. 

“Equally, the failure to deliver their much-vaunted pledge to provide free school meals for all primary pupils is very significant at a time when household budgets are under extreme pressure from the global cost-of-living crisis.

“The huge surge in drug-related deaths since she became First Minister ought to shame Nicola Sturgeon. Yet her government is lamentably dragging its heels on its pledge to fully embed MAT standards across Scotland.

“The Scottish people want and deserve a government that focuses on their priorities. Instead, Scotland has to suffer an SNP administration which is obsessed with its own self-serving goal of breaking up the UK.”

Picture by Bill Heaney

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  1. Joke of the century…..”the Tories can reveal?” Nobody with half a brain cell should take Scottish party politics seriously. It’s easily the most shallow, superficial pile of hype and guff on the planet. I’m past it, over and done with it. Let them all be Nazis…Labour, Tories, Greens, LibDems and the Tartan Gestapo. They’re a total embarrassment to all humanity. Something’s gone wrong with our education system…we never had one, just a pile of capitalist lies and propaganda. China’s won, the West is done. My advice is to get out of here and head East….Russia, China, that direction. Finance capital are going to run the West into the ground. They’ve got the plebs eating Trill already. There’s more to come, it’s just going to get worse and worse. The working class have been completely frustrated, obstructed and disempowered by fake “socialists” across the West. There’s zero chance of anything revolutionary happening here, save a miracle. There’s grounds for civil war in America but the communists are few and far between there. India will side with China and Russia. They’ll team up with Africa and it will be all over. Scotland will become a golf club.

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