MARY’S MEALS: Today 2,279,941 children will eat Mary’s Meals

Today 2,279,941 children will eat Mary’s Meals

Today is World Porridge Day!

Did you have porridge for breakfast this morning? We think it’s a great way to start the day!

In some of the countries where we work, a mug of vitamin-enriched porridge is giving hungry children a great start in life.

Ulemu from Malawi often skipped school because he was too hungry to concentrate in class. Now, thanks to his nutritious daily serving of porridge from Mary’s Meals, he is able to reach his full potential.

He says: “I concentrate in class and play with my friends because the porridge keeps me from feeling hungry throughout the day.”

It costs just 8p a day to feed a child with Mary’s Meals, meaning every donation – no matter how small – will help children to learn, grow and look to a brighter future.

This World Porridge Day, please join us in celebrating the power of porridge to change lives!

There’s still time to make your giving go further as we have extended our Direct Debits Tripled campaign until Friday, 14 October.

If you’re able to set up a monthly Direct Debit to Mary’s Meals your first three donations will be tripled – thanks to a group of generous donors who have made funds available up to £150,000.

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