Billy Connolly tucks into mince and tatties at Loch Lomondside inn

The Big Yin has been enjoying a trip back to West Dunbartonshire

Billy Connolly made an appearance at the Oak Tree Inn in Balmaha.
Billy Connolly made an appearance at the Oak Tree Inn in Balmaha. (Image: Oak Tree Inn/Facebook)

Any day when the Big Yin pops up around Loch Lomondside is a good day – and when it’s within the same week, it’s even better!

While his main residence is in Florida these days, Billy Connolly is always a welcome sight when he makes visits back home.

Billy used to live in Drymen and before that in Bonhill, Alexandria. He used to love fishing on the loch.

Just recently, he made an appearance at Jessie Biscuit cafe in Milngavie where he’s apparently a semi-frequent guest. Delighted staff shared a picture of them with the Scottish legend who apparently comes for a “yearly visit”.

Now, Billy has headed up to Balmaha by Loch Lomond to The Oak Tree Inn for a plate of mince n tatties. Although the meal is no longer on the menu, who could possibly deny a request from the Big Yin?

Posting two photos of their special guest tucking into his pub grub, they wrote on their Facebook page: “The Big Yin! He loves The Oak Tree’s Mince n Tatties. They’re not on the menu anymore but the chef’s rustled them up at his request. Shall we bring them back?”

The photos were hit by a wave of enthusiastic responses, with thousands reacting to the photo and hundreds commenting.

One said: “Absolute legend in an amazing place. Having enjoyed staying here in the past looking forward to doing so again.”

Another added: “Can’t believe we missed him. We were there last week! Just bought one of his paintings on Friday. Love him.”

Meanwhile, another shared her own story of meeting Billy: “We were there on Wednesday and my partner had gone to the reception to book us in and he came back and said ‘do you not recognise the gentleman sitting by the fire it’s the Big Yin himself’. I didn’t believe him until I heard him speak needless to say I was speechless.”

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