POLITICS: Sturgeon slammed for eight years of ‘division and decay’

True blue Tories flourish red card at Nicola Sturgeon 

By Bill Heaney

Given that the World Cup kicks off today, the Scottish Conservatives must have thought the time was right to put the boot into Nicola Sturgeon for presiding over ‘division and decay’ as she marks eight years since becoming First Minister.

Party chairman Craig Hoy says the anniversary should serve as a reminder to Scots that Nicola Sturgeon has spent her time in Bute House relentlessly pursuing another independence referendum, rather than tackling the true priorities facing the country.

To mark the anniversary, the Scottish Conservatives have highlighted dozens of failures that have occurred on her watch since 2014.

These include:

  • The highest drug death rate in Europe
  • The worst ever A&E waiting times
  • The highest levels of violent crime since she became First Minister
  • The ferry fiasco which has cost taxpayers at least £250 million
  • Failing to close the educational attainment gap

Other failures during her tenure highlighted by the party include council budgets being slashed by £700 million, the longest ever cancer waiting times, emission targets not being hit three years running and the Rangers malicious prosecution scandal that has so far cost taxpayers £51 million.

Craig Hoy, pictured right,  believes Nicola Sturgeon has had her eye off the ball ever since she took office because her obsession with breaking up of the United Kingdom trumps every other issue.

He insists that Scotland is now more divided than ever and that the focus on another independence referendum has masked her “catastrophic failings” as First Minister.

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy MSP, said:“This anniversary is anything but a cause for celebration. Nicola Sturgeon’s eight years as First Minister have been marked by constant division and a decaying of our public services.

“Her eye has been off the ball ever since she entered Bute House. Her relentless obsession with another divisive referendum means Scotland is more split than ever, while at the same time our public services are on their knees.

“Her record is deplorable and one she should be wholeheartedly ashamed of.

“By far the highest drugs-death rate in Europe. A failure to close the educational attainment gap, despite it supposedly being her number one priority.

“Record levels of violent crime. £250 million blown on ferries that do not even float.

“And an NHS facing its worst ever winter, with a backdrop of the worst A&E waiting times, the longest ever cancer waiting times and record levels of delayed discharge.

“Nicola Sturgeon promotes another divisive referendum – despite most Scots not wanting it – to mask her own catastrophic failings as First Minister.

“The anniversary of her becoming First Minister should serve as a reminder that Nicola Sturgeon has only ever been interested in governing for her party’s interests, rather than for the whole of Scotland. That will be the disastrous legacy she leaves behind when she leaves office.”

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