By Lucy Ashton

The SNP government has spectacularly failed to run Scotland’s NHS, Jackie Baillie has said today, as a Labour investigation revealed that the government is failing on 13 of 19 key NHS standards.

The SNP’s damning NHS report card shows:

  • The crisis in A&E, with performances against the four-hour target plummeting to record lows. 
  • A failure to get a grip on cancer, Scotland’s biggest killer, with the 62-day waiting time target missed repeatedly and performance declining to its worst point on record, whilst early detection targets are missed. 
  • Thousands needlessly languishing on mental health waiting lists, with national targets never once met. 
  • Failures to meet key targets for outpatient appointments and elective surgeries, with the legal 12 week waiting time guarantee unmet since it was introduced in 2012 and breached over 518,000 times.   
  • Missed targets on accessing a GP, helping the most deprived to quit smoking, and reducing NHS staff absences  

Labour’s report card comes as Humza Yousaf has found himself under increasing pressure over his mismanagement of the NHS.

Scottish Labour has today branded Mr Yousaf as ‘the worst Health Secretary in the history of the Scottish Parliament’ and has called on him to resign ahead of a humanitarian crisis in the NHS this winter.

Dumbarton constituency MSP and Scottish Labour’s health and social care spokesperson, Jackie Baillie said: “The facts are clear for all to see – the SNP has crashed our NHS at the expense of staff and patients.

Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie says Health Secretary  Humza Yousaf should resign now.

“Across our country hospitals are overwhelmed, staff are demoralised and patients are being put in danger. 

“Years of SNP missed targets and broken promises are coming home to roost.

“Behind every failed standard are thousands of patients who have been let down, many of whom are desperate for treatment and are left in pain and anxiety. It simply isn’t good enough.

“Rather than acting to arrest the decline of our NHS under the SNP, Humza Yousaf has only added fuel to the fire – and we are now heading towards a humanitarian crisis this winter.

“Without doubt, Mr Yousaf is the worst Health Secretary in the history of the Scottish Parliament.

“We simply can’t go on like this – it’s time for Mr Yousaf to do the right thing and go.”

Top picture: Vale of Leven District General Hospital in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire.

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  1. I have to say this piece is so typical of the yaboo politics that infests our political classes.

    We all know that our NHS could do better. Our police could do better. But look at the background. Our economic and social landscape is in free fall. Soaring inflation, falling wages, shortages of goods, shortages of critical labour from doctors and nurses to lorry drivers. ports chaos, a recession, and in fact a monstrous 7% reduction in living standards.

    And its all the SNP’s fault.

    Yes they have their faults, but come on, just look at the big picture. We’re living through the Brexit Bonnanza, the Better Together Bonus. This monstrous economic decline is what we voted for.

    So come on Lucy, tell us how good it is, how it’s all caused by the SNP, and the failure of the Scottish Government.

    In the meantime, here’s a piece from Yours for Scotland summarising quite technically all of the Brexit bonuses.


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