May be an image of tree and text that says "The countdown to Saturday has well and truly started. We have over 2000 toys and counting, plus books, dvds puzzles and games. We are working extremely hard to make sure it is perfect for everyone. We will have some guidelines to make sure it all goes smoothly. Thanks for your continued support."
The Recycle Room needs to say a huge THANK YOU for all the PRE-LOVED Christmas donations. Our next Christmas event is this Saturday 1 til 3… toys available for all who need them. (We are trying to make this a 12 years plus event, to help keep that Santa magic)
So if you know of anyone no matter of circumstances that need some help with toys send them down to 137 Onslow Road (Onslow Road Community Hall), Clydebank.
Or if you fancy pulling on a jumper and helping to pack some bags please…

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  1. I have had an awful experience here. I have left a review for them on google which is as follows. Want as many people to see it because there is an awful volunteer here. It was very unkind of you to gossip about me to my support workers and have them come into my space and tell me that I was being rude to you asking for stuff etc or messaging you at night as if its my responsibility to somehow know not to do that when there is no notice up to only contact for emergencies – and leaving a comment on your page that you are useless that I hadnt left? Am I the only person you have made angry then? Not everyone does everything right there is really no need to be so impolite about it. You are aware of my vulnerable situation and I am still angry about it days later when it already feels like the world is against me this is drama I dont need.

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