By Lucy Ashton

The four boys who died after falling into a frozen over lake in Solihull on Sunday have been named by police.

Brothers Samuel and Finlay Butler, aged six and eight, both died, as well as their 11-year-old cousin Thomas Stewart.

Ten-year-old Jack Johnson also lost his life in the incident.  The boys fell into the icy lake in Babbs Mill Park in the area of the West Midlands on Sunday.

Meanwhile,  parents, carers and guardians are asked to ensure children in Scotland are made aware of the dangers of playing on ice.

Warnings against walking on frozen water after three schoolboys die in icy Solihull lake

Members of the public have been warned to avoid walking on frozen water following the deaths of four children who fell into a frozen lake on Sunday.

The boys, aged 11, ten, eight and six – they are identified above – were seen playing on the frozen lake in Babbs Mill Park in Solihull before falling in at 2.36pm on Sunday.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has issued an urgent warning following the incident, asking people to avoid frozen lochs, rivers, ponds, canals and reservoirs.

The service said that while the ice may look solid, it can suddenly crack – causing a person to fall through, and potentially become trapped under the ice.

SFRS has asked that parents, carers and guardians inform their children of the dangers, and dog owners to keep their pets on a lead and off the ice.

Consequences of falling into freezing water can be fatal as the low temperature can bring on cold-water shock, which can then lead to a heart attack.

If someone near you does face difficulty on the ice, you should phone 999, ask for fire crews and wait for them to arrive – do not attempt to rescue them yourself.

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If you are facing trouble in frozen water, try to conserve your energy by staying as still as possible while waiting for help to arrive.

“Following the tragic events of the weekend, our thoughts are very much with the families, friends and local communities at this sad time,” said SFRS area commander for prevention and protection, David Dourley.

“Don’t wander too near to the edge, icy conditions could cause you to slip and fall in and don’t be tempted to test how solid the water is.

“Adults should set a good example by staying off the ice and we also ask that parents, carers and guardians ensure children are aware of the dangers of frozen water.

“We don’t want your winter walk to end in tragedy so please avoid going near frozen water when you are out with loved ones and pets.”

More information on cold-water shock can be found here.

Picture of boat in the frozen River Leven at Balloch by James Duncan


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