Many green bottles left hanging on the wall as Government bottles deposit return scheme

Lorna’s lost her bottle

There’s no truth in the rumour than a new ginger group will be formed in Holyrood.

Circular Economy minister Lorna Slater’s wrote a letter to the Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Net Zero committee about the Scottish Government’s deposit return scheme.

She announced earlier that she would “bring forward amendments to the regulations so that initially only the largest grocery supermarkets will be obliged to provide a take-back service.

All other businesses, including corner shops and ice cream vans, would be exempt.

LibDem Willie Rennie said:  “The Scottish Government knew for at least seven months that the scheme was in trouble, but they chose to keep retailers in the dark. The result is that confidence in the Scottish Government’s ability to deliver is rock bottom.

“The deposit return scheme is the right thing to do to end our throwaway culture, but it is now more than four years since the Scottish Government first consulted on the plans.  The Government must rebuild confidence without delay or the delivery date will need to be delayed.”

Older readers will recall the days when children returned their “empties” for a few pence – or traded them in for sweets or a pokey hat.

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