Hello Bill,

We enjoyed reading your lovely book, “How Are Things In Connemara”, especially the chapters covering Clifden and Cleggan..

I’m writing to let you that my wife Gabrielle O’Flaherty has written a new book that I think will interest you, as well as your family and friends.  It’s an adventure story for adults as well as children, where the second half of the book is set in Connemara, with chapters set in Derrygimlagh, Errislannan, Rosroe, Killary Fjord, Killary Sheep Farm and along the Famine Road.  There is also a chapter set at Errislannan Manor, which sadly was sold recently after Mrs. Brooks died, and the stables have been closed, with the ponies all gone.

The title of Gabrielle’s new book is “The Night of the Red Tide”.  It has just been published by Gatekeeper Press in the US, and is distributed worldwide by Ingram.  It’s already available online from Amazon, as well as from other online booksellers such as Book Depository and, and can soon be ordered in bookshops.  The ISBN number is 9781662921032.

Her story begins on a magical night in California, when the waves breaking on the shore are glowing brilliant luminescent blue, due to a spectacular red tide.  Lily, a miniature Australian shepherd, escapes from being housebound during the Great Pandemic and runs to the beach, where she meets Kai, a giant wandering albatross.  These two unlikely friends fly away together, travelling across the world in a quest to fulfill Lily’s dream of becoming a working sheepdog in Ireland.

The first half of the book follows the journey of Lily and Kai, as they visit remote sub-antarctic locations in the far south of the world populated with abundant wildlife.  Their friendship deepens as they encounter many challenges and perils.  The story has a subtext advocating for fighting climate change, and protecting our environment and endangered species.

The book is illustrated with 80 photos, including photos by wildlife photographers from around the world, and many photos of Connemara.  It’s a paperback in 8” x 10” format, designed to maximize the impact of the illustrations.

We hope you enjoy Gabrielle’s book.  Please also spread the word among your friends in Connemara.

Thank you.

Ken O’Flaherty

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