POLITICS: MP has SNP whip restored following misconduct ban

By Lucy Ashton

The falling apart SNP has restored the whip to Glasgow MP Patrick Grady following a suspension for making a sexual advance to a teenage member of staff.

Mr Grady was given a two-day ban from the Commons in June after a panel ruled he had engaged in “unwanted physical touching”.

At the time, he told MPs he was “profoundly sorry” for his behaviour at a social event in 2016.

The SNP has confirmed that a six-month suspension from the party has expired.

First Minister Nicoila Sturgeon, sacked Ian Blackford and Patrick Grady, SNP MSP.

There was a wider row about the party’s handling of the case after then group leader Ian Blackford was recorded urging MPs to “give as much support as possible” to Mr Grady.

Mr Blackford later apologised that this had “caused distress to the complainant”, and established an independent review of the support available to staff.

Mr Grady, who represents Glasgow North, had been sitting as an independent MP since a complaint was made against him, which led to his Commons suspension in June.

An independent panel found that he had touched and stroked the neck, hair and back of a colleague 17 years his junior at a social event in a pub in 2016.

The former SNP whip admitted his behaviour and apologised “without reservation”, saying he had undertaken “bespoke and generic training” since the incident.

Top picture: Clydebank MSP Martin Docherty Hughes has replaced Blackford as Chief Whip.

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