Beat the A&E queues by visiting the MIU at Vale of Leven Hospital

Injured patients are being urged to consider accessing Minor Injuries Units (MIUs) to be seen faster and to help reduce pressure on busy A&Es.

MIU staff can treat a vast range of injuries and patients can even receive a scheduled emergency face-to-face appointment if they access the service through NHS24 on 111. They can also access an emergency video or telephone consultation from home through NHSGGC’s virtual A&E service (also known as the Flow Navigation Centre) via the same route.

The vast majority of patients who self-present to an MIU continue to be seen within four hours and those opting to access the virtual A&E usually receive a consultation within the hour.

There are three dedicated MIUs across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. These are New Stobhill HospitalNew Victoria Hospital and the Vale of Leven Hospital. An MIU can treat the following injuries:

  • Cuts and wounds (including those that may need stitches)  
  • Minor burns and scalds  
  • Sprains, minor injuries or broken bones – in legs below the knee, and arms below the shoulder  
  • Insect bites or other animal bites  
  • Tetanus immunisation after an injury  
  • Minor head injury – where there has been no loss of consciousness or vomiting, and no residual symptoms i.e. headache, nausea, visual disturbance, dizziness or any other symptom of concussion  
  • Removal of foreign bodies from eyes, nose or ears  
  • Nose injuries and broken noses  
  • Removal of rings, earrings and studs.  

William Edwards, Chief Operating Officer at NHSGGC, said:   “If you have an accident resulting in a minor injury, do not go to A&E. You will be seen faster and more appropriately by our specialist MIU teams.

“To make things even quicker, if you’ve had an injury and you contact NHS24 on 111 first, you could receive an emergency consultation over the phone or via video directly with an advanced nurse practitioner who can then schedule an appointment at your nearest MIU.

“This means you’ll avoid A&E altogether, receive fast and appropriate treatment and help us protect A&E services for those who need them the most.”

More information on MIUs and on the virtual A&E service can be found on the NHSGGC website.

A list of MIUs, opening hours and how to get to them is available here.

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  1. Ah well, no doubt it will be so much better when a two tier HNS is in place.

    One service for those who can pay and another service for those who can’t afford to pay. The Scottish NHS has been discussing the scheme.

    When challenged about the proposals under discussion Nicola Sturgeon declared it would be undemocratic for the NHS not to be allowed to discuss proposals for a two tier pay and non pay system.

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