Spring Clean is a perfect opportunity to make a difference

By Lucy Ashton

People in West Dunbartonshire and Helensburgh are being called upon to play their part in tackling the country’s litter emergency.

Environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Spring Clean will take place this year from 17 March until 17 April.

For those frustrated about the volume of litter in their area or at Scotland’s many beauty spots, the Spring Clean is a perfect opportunity to make a difference and the charity is calling on communities, schools, businesses and other organisations to play their part.

Keep Scotland Beautiful NewsThe Scottish Litter Survey, published in December last year by Keep Scotland Beautiful, highlighted the negative impact litter is continuing to have across the nation. Litter remains a significant issue of public concern with 67% believing that litter is a problem in their local area, while 87% that it is an issue across Scotland.

Barry Fisher, CEO of Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “It is clear from our research that litter and the ongoing decline in local environmental quality across Scotland is a matter of significant public concern,

“There can be no debate that the litter emergency is here. The time to tackle it is now.

“We have such a strong network of groups across the country that play their part in helping us clean up Scotland but we can all do more to play our part.

“Spring Clean is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to make an impact. Every action, however small, makes a difference. We would love as many people as possible to take part and help us achieve our vision of a clean, green and sustainable Scotland.”

Clean Up Hub East Haven Together’s Wendy Murray said: “We always look forward to Keep Scotland Beautiful’s annual Spring Clean and this year is no different.

“By taking pride in our own communities, the smallest efforts can make a big difference.

“Not only does getting outdoors and picking up litter benefit everyone in the area, it can also be a huge boost for our mental health and encourages social interaction.

“After the past two years we can’t wait to get out to take part once again and make our community a cleaner, greener and better place to live.”

Why not organise a litter pick with friends, family, workmates or your wider community? Or find one to join in with on Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Clean Up Scotland map. We now have more than 100 Hubs across the country while our partnership with LitterLotto offers financial rewards for people who bin their litter.

Inspired to take positive action? Learn more and sign up to join in here: www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/springclean



  1. Try to take rubbish down to the recycling centre using a van or a small trailer and you will be turned away.

    Phone the council and ask then to come to uplift waste and they will send waste services personnel round to look at the waste to be uplifted. Thereafter having assessed the material to be removed be it a chair or a cabinet or an old TV the Council will send the homeowner a quotation. Upon acceptance the Council will then confirm a future date when the uplift can be done.

    And the result is that for some they end up just dumping the waste. No surprise really.

    What do we pay the Council for again?

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