MINTED: Nicola Sturgeon’s tax returns reveal gold-plated £460k pension

Nicola Sturgeon has a decent nest egg in her first ministerial pension. She is pictured here with Westminster MPs Martin Docherty Hughes and Brendan O’Hara.

The SNP leader promised to publish her tax returns every year in 2016 – and then promptly forgot all about it until today. Even then, blundering officials had to remove the documents after they forgot to redact her bank details, according to the Scottish Daily Express.

By Democrat reporter

Nicola Sturgeon has finally made good on her promise eight years ago to publish her annual tax returns – and seven months after her failure to do so was highlighted by the Scottish Daily Express.

The First Minister promised to release her tax returns every year while she remained at Bute House in the wake of the Panama Papers scandal in 2016. However, the pledge slipped off the top of the political agenda.

The Scottish Express reminded her about her forgotten promise in July 2022 and the issue has built up a head of steam until the SNP published the documents at 10.30am.

However, by 11.15am the website was giving readers a “404” message saying “this page can no longer be found”. It later emerged that blundering civil servants had failed to redact Ms Sturgeon’s bank details.

The documents show her first ministerial pension payments since 2014/15 add up to a solid £457,077.07. The annual sum has breached her tax-free pension allowance every year and as a result, her employer has paid £111,827.41 in tax.

Ms Sturgeon has earned £1,056,127 since 2014/15 and has paid £367,138.31 in income tax. However, while she is taxed on her full salary, she receives only the 2008/09 value.

The SNP say this means she donates around 20% of her salary entitlement back to the public purse.

Nicola’s pension

Year Total Tax
2021/22 58331.56 7990.56
2020/21 60161.43 8799.01
2019/20 60605.58 21414.61
2018/19 42022 7610.43
2017/18 66924 23834
2016/17 75843 28319.7
2015/16 93190 13859.1
457077.57 111827.41

The First Minister also has a number of savings accounts paying interest, although she has earned only £140 since entering Bute House.

As well as her parliamentary expenses, a few other minor financial transactions are recorded, including a £250 investment in the Govanhill Baths community benefit society.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I previously committed to being open and transparent to the people of Scotland about my own earnings. Today’s publication makes good on that commitment.

“These documents show clearly that my sole source of income is my job as First Minister – the office which I have the immense privilege of holding.

“I hope other party leaders – including the Prime Minister – will follow suit in an effort to promote transparency in public office.”


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  1. She is just one of very many on similar gold star pensions.

    And don’t think it’s restricted to MPs and MSPs because its not. There are civil servants right here is West Dunbartonshire Council on not much less.

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