British Gas profits: A betrayal for customers across the country

By Lucy Ashton

Centrica, owner of British Gas, has made £2.8 billion in profits in 2022, according to Scottish Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine.

Jardine, pictured above, who used to be a journalist in West Dunbartonshire, said: “This is a stunning betrayal for British Gas customers across the country who are struggling to keep their heating on.

Once again, the UK Government’s failure to implement a proper windfall tax is allowing oil and gas companies to make billions off the back of hardworking families and small businesses.

“What makes this worse is that thousands of families across the UK have had their homes broken into and prepayments forcibly installed because they could no longer afford to pay their sky-high bills.

“This situation cannot continue. Liberal Democrats are calling for the Conservatives to finally bring in a proper Windfall Tax and the cancellation of Government plans to increase energy bills by £500 in April.

“We also need to see action from the Scottish Government to activate an emergency insulation programme to help struggling families and small businesses cope with surging energy prices. It is not good enough for the SNP/Green government to continue to sit on its hands.”

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