Cross-party letter demands ‘real ban’ on electric shock dog collars

Tuesday 7 March 2023

By Bill Heaney

MSPs from all parties in Holyrood have today signed a letter demanding action on electric shock dog collars.

The use of the controversial collars was supposed to be “effectively and promptly” banned following a Scottish Government pledge in 2018.

However, the ‘ban’ in its current form is only ‘guidance’ and has proven ineffective in stopping use of the shock collars and in taking action against those who continue to use them.

Now a group of MSPs representing the Scottish Conservatives, the SNP, Labour, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats have contacted rural affairs secretary Mairi Gougeon – who has responsibility for animal welfare – calling for a change.

They want an effective and workable ban introduced via regulations, as has happened in Wales and is underway in Westminster, meaning those who continue to use the collars could be prosecuted.

The call also has the backing of the Kennel Club, the Scottish SPCA and Dogs Trust. 

Scottish Conservative MSP Maurice Golden said: “The Scottish Government may have announced a ban previously – but the activity is free to continue across the whole country.

“That needs to change as a matter of urgency. Electric dog collars have been found to be cruel and cause significant pain and harm to dogs.

“What’s more, they are often ineffective and prevent the developing of far better and kinder training methods.

“It’s rare for MSPs from all parties to be united on something, so that shows just how important this is.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult for the Scottish Government to change this guidance into regulation, and that would at least mean a real ban on these collars.”

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  1. I’m more concerned about ECT, electric shock treatment for people, mainly women, who refuse it and are forced against their will to have it applied to their brain. No problem with people who want it, but it is being forced on people against their will. The UN agrees with me, it is torture.

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