A new Emergency Alert mobile phone warning service is being trialed in Scotland from today by The Scottish Government
The UK-wide system will use new mobile technology to save lives during emergencies.
May be an image of text that says "Emergency Alert mobile phone warning service Emergency Alerts gov.scot"

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  1. This without doubt is facility to give a few minutes warning of nuclear attack.

    With British and American troops operating in Ukraine and with Nato piling in ever more weaponry Ukraine is now nothing more than a US / British led confrontation with Russia.

    Effectively we are at war, and the circumstances are little different from that which preceded world wars 1 and 2.

    This time however the combatants are fully tooled up with nuclear weapons and the sophisticated delivery systems to hit their targets around the world.

    To think that this phone system which is capable of overriding all mass mobile mobile communication and sending an emergency alert to every phone in the UK is for hurricane warnings is just nonsense thinking.

    This is preparation for the current war escalating and nuclear attack.

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