By Lucy Ashton

Jackie Baillie has signed up to the Zero Hours Justice accreditation scheme.

This comes against a background of research from the Office for National Statistics showing 94,000 Scottish workers are employed in insecure work, with sectors such as hospitality, social care and retail using zero hours contracts most frequently.

The campaign group Zero Hours Justice is encouraging public and private sector employers who offer their workers fair employment contracts to sign up to the free accreditation scheme.

Chris Peace, Director of Zero Hours Justice said: “We are delighted that Jackie Baillie has become the latest employer in Scotland to gain accreditation as a Zero Hours Justice employer.

“The ONS figures show that zero hours contracts are all too prevalent in the Scottish economy.

Zero hours contracts are exploitative and unnecessary. They leave workers uncertain of how many hours they might work, how much they will be paid and how they plan their lives. Zero hours contracts are also bad for business, impacting on workforce morale and employee recruitment and retention.

“MSPs as employers who do not use zero hours contracts are leading by example; we want to encourage more Scottish businesses and organisations to do the same by registering on our website”.

Dumbarton constituency MSP, Jackie Baillie said: “I am delighted to gain Zero Hours Justice accreditation and would encourage others to join us. Zero Hours Justice accreditation is an excellent way to show commitment to fair work and social justice. I hope many of my colleagues across all parties in the Scottish Parliament will sign up.”

Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie campaigning with trade unionists during the teachers’ strike and [top of page] postal workers in the Vale of Leven.

Meanwhile, former Assistant General Secretary of Community Union John Paul McHugh was appointed as General Secretary of the Scottish Labour Party.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said: “I am delighted that John Paul has been appointed as our party’s new General Secretary.

“John Paul brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge and will be ready to build on the great work done by outgoing General Secretary James Kelly.

“The people of Scotland need a Labour government and Scotland needs a strong Scottish Labour Party.

“Together, we can lock the Tories out of Downing Street and the SNP out of Bute House. Scottish Labour – the change that Scotland needs.”

John Paul McHugh, said: “It is an honour and a privilege to join the team at this exciting and hopeful moment for our movement.

“I will do all that I can to build on the legacy left behind by James Kelly and do all I can to deliver the Labour government that Scotland desperately needs.”

John Paul McHugh is a lifelong trade unionist and campaigner.  He worked at Community union for 15 years, rising to the role of Assistant General Secretary where he led campaigning and political activity.

Previous to joining Community, John Paul worked as a mechanical fitter. John Paul began working in the trade union movement after taking part in the TUC’s organising academy.

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