West Dunbartonshire Branch of Unison 

You are welcome and you are invited

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Joint Trade Union Members in West Dunbartonshire can access this link below and confirm their seat on the bus for our peaceful protest in Edinburgh against local government under funding….

This is a bold move from Trade union members from a small local authority who have said:


Key Info:

– bus departs from 16 Church Street

– Thursday 11th May 2023

– 9 am meet time

– book your annual leave and fill out the online form to confirm your seat

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  1. The hapless trade unionists can lobby Hollyrood all they want but they need to understand reality.

    The chief economist for the Bank of England a Mr Huw Pill has just issued a statement to say that people need to understand that they will be getting poorer and that they cannot expect inflationary linked pay rises.

    I’m most certainly not anti union but these boys and girls need to understand where the problem lies. Macro economic policy like Brexit is a reserved UK matter. Reducing wages, reducing worker protections, creating a quasi off shore economy of the coast of Europe, was always the plan and now we’ve got it.

    So lobby the Scottish Parliament all you want Unison. Talk to the wall, because the Scottish Parliament ain’t got any say in these matters. They are just a devolved assembly neutered just like the trade unions are neutered.

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