Anas Sarwar and Jackie Baillie – the political tide is turning.

By Bill Heaney

The latest polling figures show Scottish Labour hot on the heels of the SNP, and Anas Sarwar ahead of Humza Yousaf on approval polling.

Scottish Labour deputy leader Jackie Baillie said: “What this poll shows is that the political tide has turned in Scotland – with Scottish Labour on the rise.

“With the SNP imploding under the pressure of internal fighting and sleaze, it is little surprise that the Scottish people are looking to Scottish Labour to boot out the SNP and the Tories and deliver the change Scotland needs.

“At the next election, the choice will be clear – more division and decline with the SNP and Tories or a fresh start with Scottish Labour.

“Only Labour can kick the Tories out of Downing Street, tackle the cost-of-living crisis and deliver the change we need.

“It’s time for a fresh start and a clean slate for Scotland with Anas Sarwar and Scottish Labour.”

Meanwhile,  commenting on news that the SNP government has scrapped its buffer zones working group Scottish Labour Women’s Health spokesperson Carol Mochan, pictured right,  said: “This is a backwards step at a time when we desperately need to make progress.

“At every turn the SNP has dragged their heels on this crucial issue and this decision shows they are still not treating this as a priority.

“Women must be able to access abortion free from harassment and intimidation, and the SNP cannot waste any more time delivering buffer zones.

“It’s clear these buffer zones could be delivered at pace if there was the political will to do so – Jenni Minto must show some leadership and make it happen.”

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