NHSGGC Nurses Create Well-being Space In Memory Of Colleague

By Lucy Ashton

Nurses at Stobhill hospital have created a well-being area for staff members in memory of a late colleague.

Kitty’s Cave was created by the General Outpatients & Urology nurses at the hospital in memory of former colleague Helen Fleming, to offer a quiet reflective space for all staff to use.

Helen played a significant role in promoting staff wellbeing by offering a range of relaxation sessions within one of the Stobhill clinics during staff lunch breaks.

Sadly, Helen lost her battle with cancer in 2022 and the nurses at Stobhill decided to create a space in memory of Helen’s positive impact on the team.

Senior Charge Nurse, Lorna Halliday said: “This well-being space has been great for staff and also a wonderful way to remember our colleague Helen who was always present offering her friendship, laughter and calming voice to de stress the Outpatient staff.

“The feedback has been great since its creation and we strive to ensure that staff members have the relaxing spaces needed during breaks in their shift.

“I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the well-being area and made it a great success.”

As part of the team building process within the department, Charge Nurse Tracy Blair completed a leadership programme to further look at ways to improve wellbeing.

Tracy developed a concept of STEAMING ahead that stands for “Stobhill Together Everyone Achieves More In New Goals.”

Tracy added: “Since the creation of Kitty’s Cave, we have helped a number of staff in different ways such as hosting a coffee morning to promote Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) “Time to Talk Day”.

“We asked the staff to complete a speech bubble to add to our pledge wall stating what can I do to change the way I think and act about mental health in my work. The pledge wall remains within Clinic G as a visual reminder of our pledges to create a Team that is mindful of others”

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