SNP creating padlocked neighbourhoods as 46% doing DIY security, says LibDem

By Bill Heaney

Do you think you are safe out there? That you might be assaulted in the street or that your home will be broken into while you are out?

A new poll commissioned by the Liberal Democrats reveals that 46% of Scots have either changed their behaviour or increased security measures at home as a result of concerns about local crime.

Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP has accused the government of “creating padlocked neighbourhoods” and urged the SNP and Greens to return to community policing.

The party uncovered that in the last year:

18% of Scots have installed a camera doorbell.  

  • 15% of Scots have installed CCTV in their homes.  

  • 15% of Scots have avoided leaving the house when it’s dark.  

  • 11% of Scots have bought a dog.

Scottish Liberal Democrats are now calling for a housebreaking response guarantee so that victims are visited by a police officer at the scene, and a meaningful return to proper community policing.

Mr McArthur said:  “The SNP’s centralisation of policing was supposed to deliver savings that could be reinvested in the service but instead it has led to more officers stuck in the office doing paperwork.

“No wonder so many Scots are left feeling DIY security is their best hope.

“The SNP’s neglectful approach has seen officers removed from the streets, local police counters closing and padlocked neighbourhoods springing up.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are urging the government to bring forward a burglary response guarantee which will ensure victims are visited by a police officer at the scene. We need a proper return to community policing to increase the visibility of officers and strengthen the safety of our neighbourhoods.”  

Methodology: Savanta interviewed 2,181 UK adults aged 18+ online between 21st and 23rd April 2023. Data was weighted to representative of the UK by age, sex, region, and social grade.

Full data results can be found here, including the figures for Scotland

The following responses were given for Scotland:

In the last year, which of the following, if any, have you done as a result of being worried about crime in your area?  


All respondents (n = 184)  ;                                                                                        

Avoided leaving the house when it’s dark                                                      15%        


Installed a doorbell with a camera (e.g. Ring Doorbell)                                  18%    


Installed CCTV cameras on your home                                                           15%  

Installed stronger door locks at your home                                                       8%  

Installed a new alarm system at your home                                                       7%  

Changed your route to work or to the shops                                                      8%  

Joined your local neighbourhood watch                                                             7%  

Bought a dog                                                                                                      11%  

Don’t know                                                                                                          2%  

Other (please specify)                                                                                          0  

None of these                                                                                                     52%  

NET: Any                                                                                                              46%  

NET: Increased security measures at home                                                        29%  

NET: Changed behaviour (changed route to work/ avoided                                18%  

          Leaving the house after dark)  

Top picture: Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Liam McArthur.

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