Luss village has been besieged by louts drinking, swearing, urinating in the street, racing souped up cars and subjecting villagers to anti-social behaviour.

By Lucy Ashton

Dame Jackie Baillie visited Luss Primary to hear from pupils about the problems they have witnessed due to antisocial behaviour.

During the recent spell of hot weather, visitors who have been flocking to the Loch Lomond village have been parking inconsiderately, littering, having street races in their cars and using jet-skis on the loch irresponsibly.

This has caused the pupils to raise their concerns in the school and to talk openly about the challenges and possible solutions.

They have written to the Dumbarton constituency MSP to bring their concerns to her attention.

During her visit, Dame Jackie, pictured left,  had talks with the children about the problems and some of the solutions suggested to try and resolve them.

One of the pupils described the street racing as a “loud bang” before the cars sped off. They also talked about noise from street racing being heard in distant Garelochhead and on the A82, putting other road users in danger.

The children had also seen damage caused by fire, discarded vapes, beer cans, bottles and other alcohol containers, along with countless disposable barbecues.

Local families have reported illegal parking, people urinating in the streets and members of the school community suspect trespassers have been in the school grounds at night.

The pupils in Luss Primary have been proactive in trying to find solutions to the worrying problem in one of Scotland’s most beautiful villages but although they volunteered to take part in a recent litter pick they had to call it off because of the volume of broken glass discarded in the village.

Following her visit to the school, Dame Jackie attended the Luss Summit which she chairs in which a range of agencies intent on ensuring Luss remains a safe and welcoming place for visitors are brought together.

She said: “It was concerning to hear that the problems associated with inconsiderate visitors were flaring up again, as this is only the start of the summer.

“Young people in Luss shouldn’t have to witness people urinating in their village and the volume of rubbish which has been left recently is totally unacceptable.

“It was however heartening to hear of – and take part in – the discussions about which the forward-thinking pupils at Luss are having to raise awareness and come up with solutions. Our future is in safe hands with them.

“However, they shouldn’t have to put up with the problems which they do.

“All of the groups who have a responsibility for the area, whether it be Argyll and Bute Council, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority, Police Scotland or Luss Estates, have a duty to work together and do more to improve the village for everyone.”

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