For Fact’s Sake podcast: Are strategic legal threats killing good journalism?

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By Ferret team of Investigative Journalists

Episode 11 of For Fact’s Sake is all about how journalists and fact-checkers are often stifled by legal action.  Or simply by councils such as West Dunbartonshire refusing them access to information or banning them from co-operation accorded to reporters under Freedom of Information custom and practice.
We spoke to Nik Williams from Index on Censorship (and The Ferret’s co-chair) about strategic litigation against public participation, more commonly known as SLAPPs.
A SLAPP is a legal threat that is often aimed at stopping an accurate piece of information from entering the public domain.
Also on the podcast, Ali and Paul look at a bad photoshop of Nicola Sturgeon, and discuss a fake article about the untimely death of (very much alive) celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo.
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