By Bill Heaney

Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Jackie Baillie sent a clear message to people considering to vote for the SNP at the next election.

Dame Jackie said “Humza Yousaf has made it clear – if your priority isn’t a divisive and disruptive referendum, the SNP doesn’t want your vote.”

Commenting after Humza Yousaf’s appearance on the Sunday Show, she added: ““This is a single-issue party without a coherent plan on how to deliver on their one policy of independence.

“The SNP has turned its back on anyone more concerned with ending the cost of living crisis, reviving our economy and rebuilding our public services.

“Only Labour can boot the Tories out of Downing Street –  and it is only Labour that is focused on what really matters.

“At the next General Election Labour will be offering the change Scotland really needs.”

Scottish Conservative Deputy Leader, Meghan Gallacher MSP, said: “Humza Yousaf’s latest plan to push his independence obsession confirms that he has taken Nicola Sturgeon’s strategy and put it on steroids.


Jackie Baillie, Humza Yousaf and Meghan Gallacher.


After playing to the nationalist gallery on Saturday, the wider public will have seen through these interviews that he is hellbent on turning the next General Election into a polarising vote on breaking up the United Kingdom.

“At a time when people across Scotland are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and want the SNP-Green government to focus on their real priorities, Humza Yousaf is typically obsessed with holding another divisive referendum as soon as possible.

“It is clear that the self-styled first activist is talking about his favourite subject to deflect from the chaos engulfing his party and their overwhelming failures during their 16 years in office.

“Whether it was on the health service, their ferry fiasco, the lack of dualling the A9 or the spiralling costs for a replacement Barlinnie, Humza Yousaf had no answers.

“Only the Scottish Conservatives are standing up to this independence-obsessed First Minister, and when it comes to the General Election, every vote for us is a vote to stop the SNP and ensuring the focus is on finding solutions to the real challenges facing the country.”

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