INVESTIGATION: New government ‘sustainable’ fish farming strategy lacks green targets, say critics


A group representing coastal communities has criticised the Scottish Government’s new fish farming strategy for lacking environmental targets or stronger decision making powers for local residents.
The Scottish Government’s new plan to support the fish farming sector – the Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture – promises to protect the environment, promote innovation and ensure local communities see lasting benefits.
The Coastal Communities Network (CCN), which is made up of 24 local groups across Scotland, welcomed the environmental principles outlined in the government’s new strategy.
But it criticised an absence of clear targets and interim deadlines to measure if the sector is improving sustainability.
The group also wants communities to have the power to reject unwanted new fish farms via “a mechanism that promotes true democratic decision making”.
The government said “environmental protection and enhanced community benefits” were “key outcomes” of its plan, and were already being progressed.

The full report on this is in THE FERRET

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