Drivers warned over £150 fines for parking on pavements

By Bill Heaney

Drivers have been warned that parking on the pavement could soon mean they’re hit with a fine of up to £150.

To punish drivers who park on the pavement, including on dropped kerbs, councils will soon have the power to impose penalty notices that start at £50 but could end up tripling.

It’s expected the enforcement will begin later this year, after the pavement parking ban was approved by the Scottish Parliament back in 2019 as part of the Transport (Scotland) Act.

This goes up to £100 if it’s paid between the 15 and 28th day after the penalty was sent out.

If the fine remains unpaid after that point, then councils will be able to issue a notice to the vehicle owner reminding them that they have to pay. And if they still do not pay 14 days after being sent a reminder, the fine will be increased again to £150.

The ban sets out to tackle “inconsiderate and obstructive” parking, according to the Scottish Government, and aims to make pavements and roads more accessible for everybody.

Talks are currently ongoing to find out exactly when councils will be given the power to enforce this rule and how much they will actually be able to do.

A spokesperson from Transport Scotland said: “The secondary regulations required to ensure local authorities have the powers they need to enforce this will be laid in Parliament later this year.”

The ban was originally meant to be implemented back in 2020 after being introduced the year before, but the Covid-19 pandemic meant it was pushed back, and details are still being finalised.

Pavement parking is widespread in West Dunbartonshire with hotspots in places such as Main Street in Renton and High Street, Dumbarton.

Blind people and mothers with prams to push have been complaining about this for years. Some delivery drivers have taken to parking all four wheels of their vehicles on the pavement, even in High Street, Dumbarton.

Anti-democratic West Dunbartonshire Council refuse to tell The Democrat if, where and when these new rules will be imposed in Dumbarton and Alexandria.

Top of page picture: The parking nightmare for motorists and buses in Dumbarton High Street.

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