HEALTH BOARD: New doctors arrive at Royal Hospital for Children

By Lucy Ashton

The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow has welcome its new foundation doctors, while thanking the foundation year ones who are moving on to new challenges within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

‘Changeover Day’ took place earlier this week, Wednesday 2nd August, where newly qualified doctors arrive at the RHC, while others move on to their next area or department.

Among some of the new arrivals at the RHC, RIGHT, was former Glasgow University Medicine student Alesha, who is joining the Paediatric Surgery team.

She said: “I’m feeling excited about as I’ve always wanted to work with children, but I’m naturally a bit nervous. I feel like there’s a lot of hope working with children, and that they still have their whole life ahead of them so you can help make a big change.

“This was my first choice for leaving university, so I’m pleased I’m starting here.”

While Alesha and her fellow foundation doctors look ahead to their time at the RHC, our year ones have taken the time to reflect on their experiences and highlights from their placements at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital based site.

Ahead of moving on to General Practice, one of the foundation year ones Sara said: “I’m really glad to have had experiences as a first year doctor with such a supportive and caring team. I feel like everyone here is experiences and so nice and helpful. I am thankful to have had this as one of my jobs. I enjoy working within a large staff group, and the facilities are really good things like the MediCinema is fantastic. We see such a variety of rare things here and I’m thankful to have had such a varied experience across different specialties.

“I’m going on to general practice, so I’m looking forward to working with children within the community.”

Sarah, who is joining the Adult Medicine team, said: “Within the paediatric surgery department everyone has been very supportive. I need to use a wheelchair from time to time for work and have found it very accessible and everyone has been very helpful and willing to help. I’m moving on to adult medicine and looking forward to a different challenge but have loved my time here.”

Matthew Henderson, who is going to work with the Langlands team added: “I’ve really enjoyed working with this team. It’s been a great job to get to help out in and be encouraged to help in surgeries you can’t see anywhere else in the UK. It’s been enriching and very encouraging.”

While others are moving to new sites, some of the year ones will remain at the RHC, moving into new teams for the next few months.

Lucy, who is moving to the Paediatric Medicine team said: “It’s been great being part of such a large welcoming team, especially when you’re junior because you’re new. The Play Therapists and Occupational Health are all so welcoming and helpful, you may not have ever worked with kids before so having a big team is useful.

“I’m moving onto paediatric medicine for the next four months so I’m looking forward to a different team and four more months of working with children and trialling new things. It’s the best job of the year.”

Jamie Redfern, NHSGGC’s Director for Women’s and Children’s services said: “Firstly I would like to welcome the new foundation doctors to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, we are delighted to have you here and we are looking forward to working with you.

“I would also like to thank all of those moving on to new sites and departments, you have made such a difference to the patients and families we care for during your time here and we all wish you every success for the future.”

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