FESTIVAL: Nicola Sturgeon to be lampooned in satirical political mockumentary

It sounds like Shauny Boy's (L) Nicola Sturgeon character (R) might be making a comback

It sounds like Shauny Boy’s (L) Nicola Sturgeon character (R) might be making a comeback
By Lucy Ashton

Nicola Sturgeon is set to be the subject of a comedy film about her time in office, dubbed “Sturgeonism” by a comedian known as Shauny Boy.

It “aims to bury (metaphorically) the political movement known as Sturgeonism – once and for all” says the pitch, adding “It’s time to irritate A LOT of people”.

The comedian, known for his not very flattering portrayals of the former First Minister, Dumbarton Green politician Patrick Harvie, left, and many more recognisable characters says he has already spent two months writing the 45-minute film.

He says it has a “long list of ‘characters’ that will be needed to bring it to life.”

Appealing for public support to get it up and running, he said the SNP have been at the centre of “unbearable weight of PR, spin and bull***t”. Shauny Boy writes: “The culture has stagnated and been suffocated by the Stasi-lite machinations of Sturgeon and her privileged (but extremely self-righteous) Praetorian Guard of bullies and sociopathic Mean Girls.”

Not one to hold back, he states: “This documentary is about highlighting all of this, showing where everything went wrong, and holding the mirror up to everyone who benefited from this nightmare and forcing them to see the part they played in perpetuating it (often at the expense of our collective sanity).

“This is a massive project, requiring actors, equipment, software, locations, videographers, assistants, editors, visual effects wiz-kids, audio gurus and everything else you need to make a budget documentary look slightly professional,” he adds.

He reckons he needs about £12,000 to get the film up and running and a crowdfunded is already over 30 per cent to target.

Shauny Boy has become well-known on social media for his videos sending up the Scottish Government, and has struck gold again with his impersonation of SNP special advisers.

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