This is Mill Dam in Silverton. It used to be lovely. Now it looks as though it’s been “butchered”, for want of a better description. I’m not apportioning blame to the men who cut the grass, but who is suggesting that this is how our grassy areas should be maintained? It’s utter chaos. Even my dog looks shocked!


Grass cutting in Dumbarton? Two chances. A dog’s and none at all and the canine clan as pictured above seem to think there’s little chance of that happening.

By Lucy Ashton

KAZ MCNAB says it’s “an absolute disgrace. “This is the view my mum has from her house,” she told social media, where people never seem to get fed up looking at pictures and making comment about the state of West Dunbartonshire.
Linda Speir says it’ such a shame as so many people had enjoyed the lovely view when it was well-maintained. David Scott of the GMB union complains that it’s “absolutely horrendous”.  And Linda adds ” ..and sadly replicated in so many areas throughout the Shire. I’ve never felt so ashamed of where I live.”
One guy who is so ashamed of the place that he’s not revealing his real name has plenty to say, of course. Victor Frankenstein wrote: “It’s an absolute disaster, I was brought up in Bellsmyre and there would have been atleast 2 or 3 games of fitba being played simultaneously at Valeview every evening with different age groups.
But they’ve stuck up one set of goals and the rest of that entire area of grass has been left to overgrow over the past few years
You can’t have everyone ie kids, dog owners, people wanting to exercise from a scheme using the same patch of grass.
It’s the exact same story throughout the whole of WD now it all looks like waste ground now full of all sorts, ticks, litter and dog 💩
And tbh it looks like Stevie Wonder has now got a job cutting the grass for the Council because the standard of cut is horrendous, we aren’t expecting any bowling green lawns but it looks as half arsed as I’ve ever saw it.
I’ve asked the workers why aren’t they lowering the cutting blades a bit so at least the grass is much closer to the ground to make the cut last longer and therefore more usable to us all but you get the standard reply.
It’s not rocket science . If the frequency of cuts and time allocated to the workers is getting less and less then cut it all as short as possible to maximise the limited cuts.”
I’ve seen some residents who are physically able and have the correct equipment cutting communal areas outside their house but unfortunately not everyone is able or have a decent enough machine to cope.  What are we meant to do?  Start a JustGiving account so the shire can chip in and hire our own landscaping team

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  1. These are the consequences when the Labour Council implement Tory cuts to local services and jobs.

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