By Bill Heaney

The SNP and the Tories are failing a record number of Scots, Scottish Labour has said today, as levels of homelessness in Scotland have hit an all-time high.

Figures released today reveal that a shocking 39,006 homelessness applications were made in the past year, marking a stark increase of 3,247 compared to 2021-22.

This is the highest number of applications since records began.

The number of people living in temporary accommodation has also skyrocketed, and the number of children in temporary accommodation increased by a damning 9% in only one year.

The average wait time in temporary accommodation has also increased year on year, and now sits at a shocking 502 days for households with children.

Scottish Labour has blasted the SNP for ‘chronic inaction’ on the homelessness crisis and called for less spin and more long-term solutions after the rent freeze failed to reverse the tidal wave of homelessness caused by the Tory economic crisis.

Commenting, Scottish Labour Housing spokesperson Mark Griffin, right,  said: “This shocking situation is a damning indictment of two failed governments – the SNP and the Tories – who have presided over this crisis with chronic inaction.

“Both parties have been too wrapped up in spin and soap opera drama to find any real solutions to getting people housed, which has only gotten worse year upon year.

“Tory economic chaos and SNP inaction means Scotland’s homelessness crisis has spiralled out of control – and it is our most vulnerable who are paying the price.

“The SNP and the Tories should hang their heads in shame at the scale of this crisis.

“Action needs to be taken now to tackle this crisis, build the homes people need and deliver the long-term support to people facing homelessness.”

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