Nearly 50,000 animals licensed to be killed by NatureScot


Nearly 50,000 animals licensed to be killed by NatureScot

By Jamie Mann in The Ferret

Nearly 50,000 wild animals spanning 84 species have been licensed to be killed by Scotland’s wildlife agency in recent years, The Ferret has found.
Data provided to The Ferret by NatureScot details the permissions given to “controllers” – farmers, landowners and others – to kill animals between 1 June 2019 and 15 June 2023.
At least 46,985 animals were licensed to be killed, including thousands of geese, gannets, gulls, ravens, goosanders and the iconic mountain hare – Scotland’s only native rabbit or hare species.
Buzzards, robins, herons and magpies were also targeted. In cases mostly relating to public health and safety, controllers were permitted to kill as many animals as required.
They included declining species such as oyster catchers, lapwings, starlings, curlews and rooks.
Animal welfare and conservation groups said they were “appalled” by the “devastatingly high numbers”. NatureScot must employ greater transparency and a more evidence-based approach in the licensing process to improve animal welfare and conservation, they argued.

The full story is on The Ferret website

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