ANTHEM ROW: Ally McCoist calls Tartan Army ‘SNP fans’

Ally McCoist (right) Walter Smith and Tommy Burns, all pals together, King Charles and Hampden Park.

By Democrat reporter

The Royal Family’s popularity has plummeted in recent years, particularly since the Queen’s death a year ago.

But does that merit booing the national anthem when it is played before major sporting events such as the Scotland V England football match on Tuesday?

The former Rangers star who is now one of the UK’s most popular football pundits, Ally McCoist called the Tartan Army “SNP fans” as he slammed them for “disrespecting” the British national anthem on Tuesday night.

He was far from impressed with the home side’s fans before England ran out comfortable 3-1 winners.

According to a report in the Scottish Daily Express, the Tartan Army drowned out the away side’s anthem as it was sung at Hampden Park.  And more respect should have been paid by the home supporters.

Speaking on talkSPORT, he said: “I do not like the booing of any national anthem to be honest with you. I just think it is a distinct lack of respect. I genuinely dislike it intensely.

“If you can’t show respect, I am not talking about England, I am talking about anybody or anybody that goes to Hampden, any football ground or any sporting event. If you can’t show the opposition respect by respecting their national anthem, I think it is a poor show.

“I get the rivalry with England and Scotland, and I get some of the Scots, perhaps SNP fans, giving it the whole bit, but I am talking about in general. There should be respect shown for an opposing national anthem and I think it is totally out of order.”

Host Alan Brazil then told the presenter some of his own experiences, with accusations of being too “pro English”, to which he responded “For telling the truth? What all these guys can do is put their head back under the covers or the pillow.

“If they want to lift their head up and open their eyes, great. It’s them that need the reality check, nobody else.”

He was then asked if he was singing God Save the King on the gantry. And he bluntly added: “Actually I was. Because I am British, you got a problem with that?”

For the record, England beat Scotland by 3-1 in the match which was played to mark the 150th anniversary of the fixture.

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