SNP condemns Tartan Army for booing national anthem

Scotland football fans have been urged to ‘respect’ opposing teams following a backlash to God Save the King being drowned out Glasgow’s Hampden Park. Top: England goal scorer Harry Kane.

By Democrat reporter

The Scottish Government has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Tuesday night’s Scotland v England match when the Tartan Army drowned out God Save the King.

The song was played at Hampden Park to represent the Three Lions, however, it could hardly be heard over the roars of home fans. The crown, dubbed “SNP fans” by Ally McCoist, has been criticised for being disrespectful, and now the Scottish Government has joined in the condemnation.

Humza Yousaf, a vocal republican, was asked by his views by the Scottish Daily Express but instead, a Scottish Government spokesperson said: “We would urge all fans to always respect the opposing team.”

The match was shown on Channel 4 to mark 150 years since the first ever international match between the two sides.

The constitutional divide was evident in the reaction with unionists saying it was disrespectful while nationalists not seeing the problem.

Scotland legend McCoist was among the high-profile voices against the move while the pro-Scexit newspaper The National revelled in it, posting an emoji that looks like someone stifling a laugh.

We reported earlier that a Nat lie emerged to excuse the reaction of the Hampden crowd. Some argue that GSTK is booed because there is a line about ‘crushing’ rebellious Scots.

However, there is no such line in the anthem used as the English – and British – anthem. According to the Royal Family website, there are only two verses sung and neither make any mention of “rebellious Scots”.

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  1. God Save the King is like so many of the other English unionist anthems a chant of hate.

    Rule Brittannia, Land of Hope and Glory, No surrender are all chants of unionist colonial superiority. Indeed the line those rebellious Scots to crush, or being up to ones knees in Fenian blood, are exactly that, chants of hate.

    How would it be if Scots chanted about being up their knees in English blood. Police Scotland’s political brownshirts would be around making arrests in no time.

    But that’s what these unionist anthems are all about. Superiority and the inculcation of hate and violence against Scots and Irish.

    Booing a hate song and some folks say its wrong. C’mon Ally McCoist, Member of the British Empire!

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