FERRET INVESTIGATION: Mandatory CCTV recommended for fish slaughterhouses

Experts recommend mandatory CCTV for fish slaughterhouses

Author: Billy Briggs in The Ferret

Top of page picture of a salmon farm off the West Coast of Scotland by Bill Heaney

Animal experts and academics have recommended mandatory CCTV for all fish slaughterhouses in Scotland and new legislation to ensure staff are “trained and aware of their duty of care”, to improve animal welfare.
A report by the Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) also argues that fish must be stunned before slaughter and killed before regaining consciousness.
Up to 77 million farmed fish are slaughtered each year in the UK and concerns have been raised over serious welfare abuses. There are no legal provisions detailing how to minimise pain for fish at the point of slaughter.
Fish at one Scottish abattoir had their gills cut while still conscious and were clubbed by workers and left to asphyxiate on the ground, as revealed last year by The Ferret.


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  1. More surveillance from the state.

    Video with face recognition software as you walk down the street, apnr cameras tracking cars as they move around the country with records kept for seven years, voice recognition software. Originally used by the HMRC but now by the banks which is why Bank of Scotland makes it mandatory to have a recorded interview when opening any account even as an existing customer, mandatory video recoding in pubs, surveillance is all in play.

    LIke animals in a pen really and that’s before Internet surveillance, we don’t know the half of it.

    Good thing our governments have all our interests at heart.

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