FOOTBALL CRAZY: Scotland fan battered by Spanish riot police


The officer hits a Scotland fan on the leg with a baton

By Lucy Ashton

The Spanish police have a reputation for uncalled for violence on crowd control duty before and during football matches, particularly when foreign teams are involved.

It should be no surprise then that video footage has emerged showing a Spanish riot cop hitting a Scotland fan with a baton ahead of the Euro 2024 qualifier in Seville.

The footage obtained by the Daily Record shows armed police moving Tartan Army fans from an area in the city on Wednesday night.

Two Scotland fans wearing the national team top can be seen standing in front of officers, who use heavy handed tactics to move them on.

One fan is holding his hands up in the air when an officer strikes the other in the leg with a baton. A second officer approaches waving his baton in the air and motioning for the fans to move back.

The action causes the fan who was hit to stumble and fall over a chair lying on the ground. He can be seen on the ground holding his hands over his head as his friend stands over him with his hands held out.

Other football fans approach to check on the injured Scot as the crowd can be heard booing the police. The clip then ends abruptly.

The footage has now gone viral on social media with fans hitting out at the Spanish police’s tactics.

The fan stumbles over a chair and falls to the ground
The fan stumbles over a chair and falls to the ground

The incident appears to be the only violence between fans and police, with other footage shared online showing excited fans holding a speaker and doing the conga.

Around 8,000 supporters are thought to have made the journey to Seville in the hopes of seeing Steve Clarke’s team beat Spain on Thursday evening to secure qualification for UEFA Euro 2024.

The game will kick off at 7.45pm UK time at Estadio La Cartuja de Sevilla, Seville.

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