By Bill Heaney

Labour will unleash Scotland’s potential as an “manufacturing powerhouse” Anas Sarwar has pledged today.

Ahead of a visit to a Harland & Wolff fabrication yard, the Scottish Labour leader has warned that Scotland’s iconic manufacturing industry is being “hollowed out” under the SNP and the Tories.

Labour’s industrial strategy will back Scottish manufacturing and use the power of government to ensure that we buy, make and sell more in Scotland.

Manufacturing is one of the key economic strengths identified in Labour’s industrial strategy, which pledges to use procurement and investment powers to back British industry and put the Industrial Strategy Council on a statutory footing.

Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan will also bolster Scottish manufacturing by making Scotland a world-leader in green technology and ensuring supply chain jobs stay here in Scotland.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said “Scotland’s manufacturing industry is iconic, but it is being hollowed out under the SNP and the Tories.

“Labour will unleash Scotland’s full potential as a manufacturing powerhouse, creating jobs and delivering economic growth.

“We will have a real industrial strategy that gets our economy back on its feet and ensures that we buy, make and sell more here in Scotland.

“Our Green Prosperity Plan will make us a world-leader in green technologies and ensure that jobs throughout the supply chain are created here in Scotland.

“For too long, the SNP and the Tories have settled for managed decline – but Labour has a plan to strengthen Scottish manufacturing and renew our economy.” 

Prosperity through Partnership: Labour’s Industrial Strategy

  • We have key economic strengths such [..] advanced manufacturing clusters.
  • Our plan to buy, make and sell more in Britain is a commitment to use strategic procurement as part of any industrial strategy, including for sovereign capabilities like steel and energy generation.
  • Labour will provide policy consistency by placing an Industrial Strategy Council on a statutory footing.

Make Britain a Clean Energy Superpower

  • Labour will “Build resilient supply chains in Scotland by using our new British Jobs Bonus to provide specific incentives for developers that create good jobs in areas currently reliant on energy industries, such as Scotland and the North East of England.”
  • By setting up “A publicly-owned company like GB Energy will be rooted in the UK and can help to grow domestic supply chains, ensuring that homegrown R&D leads to domestic manufacturing and nurturing partnerships with SMEs and large local employers.”

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