By Bill Heaney

Health Secretary Michael Matheson must pay out himself to cover the remainder of his £11,000 i pad data bill from his trip to Morocco, Jackie Baillie has said.

Jackie Baillie’s intervention comes after a parliament spokesperson was unable to state how Mr Matheson accrued a bill of such size from parliamentary business.

Scottish Labour deputy leader Jackie Baillie said: “The bizarre story of Michael Matheson’s huge data bill from his trip to Morocco is only getting murkier.

“The Scottish public are understandably looking on with bafflement at the scale of the Mr Matheson’s bill and his nonchalant attitude to such a serious situation.

Dame Jackie Baillie says Michael Matheson should stump up for his holiday i pad bill.

“At a time of cost of living crisis, Mr Matheson’s flippant approach to this situation is deeply offensive to thousands of Scots.

“Mr Matheson was told repeatedly by the parliament to replace his SIM. The responsibility for this lies with him. The time has come for Michael Matheson to do the right thing and pay up himself.

“Failure to do so will only further weaken public trust in this scandal-hit SNP government.”

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  1. Aye it’s a beezer of a bill. Nearly £11,000 for a week’s roaming charges whilst on holiday.

    That’s more money than a whole years state pension that retired folks get to live on. Seems that our NuSNP have become the very same troughers as so many of the Labour and Tories before them.

    Fact is they are all, or at least most of them, all the same when it comes to expenses and the like. And they laughed about the Tory MP down south some years ago and expense claims for his duck pond. Ah well folks, turn up the heating and laugh in the comfort of a warm well funded existence.

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