May be an image of 9 people and text that says "BALLOCH CAMPUS SAY NO M TOA NEW LIBRARY AT BALLOCH CAMPUS"

By the Editor

If West Dunbartonshire Council refuses point blank to speak to The Democrat and continues to defy the residents of Balloch, Jamestown, Haldane and Levenvale and close their library in Carrochan Road then we will give those residents a voice to challenge them. They are a disgrace. Eilidh Markey, Callum Woods and seven others posted the following on Facebook:

Absolutely not ok with this.  It is shocking that #westdunbartonshirecouncil think it is ok to allow a General Public Library to be located in a primary school!! To claim that general public members will not be able to access our children is not good enough! It is ridiculous they are taking away staff rest rooms and break rooms to allow for this.  Surely the health and safety of our children and Campus staff matter more than the relocation of the library? West Dunbartonshire Council this is a shocking decision. With not even a parent or staff consultation?!

The UK government’s policy on Rwanda was rightly thrown out today. Maybe the residents of West Dunbartonshire should ask for a judicial review to halt library closures in this area? I don’t believe that even this Council would be stupid enough to take this matter to court. Or maybe not? Could Council leader Martin Rooney be Dunbartonshire’s answer to Rishi Sunak or even Suella Braverman? BH

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