Let’s Make History Again: 10,000 Needed to sign on-line petition to save Balloch riverbank

Bruce Biddulph

Alexandria, United Kingdom

17 JAN 2018 — Those who have signed up have created a voice that approached eight and a half thousand strong. Like you they do not want to see riverbanks and shores sold to a private company, like you they want to see common sense along with our commonwealth prevail.

Myself, I am not opposed to developments as such, Flamingoland already have 22 acres of land at historic Woodbank, where they could build the hotel they want and have lodges too. As this land was used for the famous hotel for many years, I see no problem with this and good luck to them.

But as do many others, the thought of them owning 44 acres and the shore and riverside is a step too far and goes against the spirit of Loch Lomond that has been here for centuries.

Over a century ago 10,000 people protested about much the same threat to access and commonwealth and their protests at Balloch directly brought about one of Scotland’s greatest free assets: Balloch Park. Today the threat from private ownership is even greater than in those days, and we need that spirit of the 10,000 here more than ever before.

You can be part of history once again, just as those strong protesters were. Like them you can force a re-think and get movement to keep the riverbank and lands in public hands and forever more have an assett that can benefit all of Balloch, Loch Lomond and indeed Scotland, just as Balloch Park does now.

Be under no illusion, if this sale proceeds, a great breaking of ways will occur, and the Loch will be under threat for all time from the incursion of private developers. We must be as our great grandparents were and have vision for the future. If it were not for them, there would be no Balloch Park.

Thank you for signing, but we still need to make that magic number to show the world that Balloch and Loch Lomond still mean something and that we the people still believe in centuries of common ownership and access to the loch. Our ancestors famously lived their lives as proud independent people, and their ways filtered down through the ages to give us a loch and shores that we fundamentally believe must never be those for one individual to command. Our right to roam is an expression of our ancestor’s core principles of life, and our loch is our embodiment of that.

Stand with our recent forebears and encourage others to join us. Share the petition with a message: The people will make history again and leave another lasting legacy for the future generations to learn from.

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