Dumbarton ships and turtle friggers

Hi Everyone,  writes Andrew Graham of the Library Service:
I thought you would be interested in our new exhibition at Clydebank Museum, it’s called A Touch of Glass: The Rise and Fall of a Dunbartonshire Dynasty. The exhibition looks at the Dumbarton Glassworks, its impact on the town (it was one of the largest glass works in the country), it’s legacy, the Dixon family who owned the glass works and the interesting stories around the family members. Included is glass from the works, such as bottles, as well as end of day glass, such as glass walking sticks, a glass Dumbarton ship and turtle friggers. Also on display are items from James Christie, the last owner of the works which have recently been returned to the area from Australia and recently conserved portraits from the council’s collections of members of the Dixon family. I’m sure it’ll be of interest. Pictures from Donald Chisholm on Facebook.

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