January 30, 2018 – Police have issued a warning to the residents of Kirktonhill, Dumbarton, after a thug scattered large road spikes across the dimly-lit and often lonely streets in the area near Levengrove Park.  Car tyres have been punctured by the spikes and there is a very real danger that someone may be seriously injured if a vehicle were to crash there.


Figures revealed by the End Poverty Group have revealed that more than 1,100 children in Alexandria, Renton and the Bonhill area are living in poverty. There are more poor children in the Lomond Ward of West Dunbartonshire than anywhere else in the authority’s area. MSP Jackie Baillie said: “It is shocking that more than a quarter of the children living in this area are living below the breadline. It’s time for the return of child benefit payments.”


Burgh Hall new artist's impressionRed faces all round for the SNP administration on West Dunbartonshire Council. After announcing how well the refurbishment of the Burgh Hall was going, controversial councillor Iain McLaren has had to swallow the fact that the £15 million project is well behind schedule. He says some of the work on the Leiper designed building has proved tricky and that specialist masons are thin on the ground.  Look out for an announcement soon that the building will not be ready for occupation by staff before Christmas. Meanwhile council workers will have to put up with their offices at Garshake. McLaren said recently that Dumbarton had “history in buckets”. Meanwhile, it seems all the buckets at “dilapidated” Garshake are full of rainwater.


When are Lidl going to open their new supermarket in Castle Street, Dumbarton? A previous planning application from the supermarket chain was refused by the Council.  Now they have had another look at the design and Lidl are hoping for a result – “We are still very much committed to bringing a new store to Dumbarton.”

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