Mon the Sons

Dumbarton is coming alive to the fact that the Sons have reached a national Cup Final, affectionately known as the Irn Bru Cup. Our very own local poet, Stephen Watt,  has produced this short film to mark that auspicious fact.

Here goes:    Make a big day of it. Enjoy it. The montage is of the good old days when I was a regular at Boghead Park. Mon the Sons. Bill Heaney.

And Stevie Mahoney writes: Once again guys it’s time to rally some pride in our wee toon.  Dumbarton.. estimated population 20,000
How many of those pay upwards of £50 every week to go and watch football in Glasgow and further afield.
Well fellow Dumbartonians, the weekend of 24/25 March is an International weekend so no premiership games then.
How many of those will be willing to pay half of that, just £25 for match ticket and return bus, to go and support their local team in their first major cup final in 121 years (which incidentally is the same number of years The Sons played at Boghead which is the longest a club has stayed at the same ground and is indeed a world record which Hillsborough will claim in 2 years time).
With plenty of history already behind them is it not time for us all to get behind the 4th oldest club in Scotland and hopefully witness them add to that history.
24th March 2018, get yersel tae Perth.  Let’s make Dumbarton cup winners with our support.
Mon the Sons.

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