snow at the postbox at the junction of Bonhill Road and Townend Road, Dumbarton

Postbox at the junction of Bonhill Road and Townend Road in Dumbarton.       Picture by Bill Heaney

Snow fair, say postal workers’ union to winter pay cuts

March 11, 2018 – Postal workers are being asked to vote for industrial action amid claims they have been “penalised” by the recent red weather warning.

Royal Mail staff  in some areas were told their pay would be docked or they could use annual leave if they failed to get to work during the heavy snow.

Posties in other areas are waiting to hear officially what will happen to them.

The public were advised not to travel during the worst of the weather.

Royal Mail said it had a “clear adverse weather policy”.

But a spokeswoman added that they look at the circumstances where the weather has been extreme.

The Met Office issued a red weather warning for snow – the first of its kind in Scotland – on 28 February.

Motorists were warned to keep off the roads, while buses and train services were cancelled.

When the red warning was downgraded to amber, people were again warned to travel only if it was absolutely necessary.

Gary Clark, of the Communications Workers Union, said postal workers were paying for heeding official travel advice.

“Our members who could not attend work were asked to take a day’s annual leave, pay back time or lose money,” he said.

“This is when the government, police, everybody is telling us only travel for extreme emergencies.”

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